Pally,Monk,lock(*) / all?(*)


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Pally,Monk,lock(*) / all?(*)

*have yet to pick what i want to play next expact, most likely one of three listed
** i normaly find my self going towards tank / heal combos, but i do like my warlock...

1) Provide a semi-detailed history of your WoW playing experience. Feel free to talk about your raiding experience, any guilds you were previously in, etc. Please include any details regarding any leadership positions you may have held in guilds.
Been playing sence TBC,
during TBC, was warlock on Darkspeark
did BT when it needed attunement (warlock still has teleport neckless)
WoTK, DK tank, warlock dps, Pally Heals (darkspear, friends moved to Sargeras late in xpect i followed)
(as expected friends stop playing after about 2 weeks =/ )
this is when i trully learn / loved to tank (yes i know DK was broken at the time, but hey it was fun)
(joined Malice on Sargeras)
Cata,Pally Holy guild at the time had to many people able to tank almost no healers... so i started to heal
Heal in Malice for most Exp, till i took a brake for College
I lead the Heal team with a priest (CD cordination)
(in college didnt play much)
WoD, Warlock! dps... then after first raid we ran out of healers again, swap to holy pally
The light yet again purgged the Fel corruptoin of the warlock
again lead healers at the time, also started taking bets on who would screw up first
THEY TOOK MY SHIELD FROM MY PALLY... so i started to tank again.
Being tank again gave me a sudo raid leadership
pally keep having face pushed in during the Tomb so i took up drinking and became a brewmaster monk
got first 4 mythic in final raid down prior to guild falling appart (GM from when guild was founded stopped, caused ripple affect)

2) What are you looking for in a guild?
people to run instance / somthing with, wow has long sence lost most of its shine solo

3) If you had to define yourself using a single definition in Urban Dictionary, what would it be?
-"to search"
1. been studding linux more lately so first thing i could think of
2. i will often run to a <resource>node on my mini map if i see it.

4) What do you know about Legends Anonymous and why do you want to join?
Meet good lot of ya yat Blizzcon(2017) seem like a nice group, and reasons as sated above malice is falling appart with Orignal GM leaving.

5) Make us laugh, link up to (3) videos/gifs to highlight your preferred style of comedy.
(so ya this is the hardpest part of this questioning


6) Why are you leaving your current guild?
Orignal GM leaving, and guild fell appart for the most part

7) What do you enjoy most out of the game?
killing a new boss with the entire raid dead, (this has happen more times then you think it might)

8) What are your top (3) swear words/phrases that you use in casual and uncasual conversation?
1. Bloody hell
2. god damit
3. fuck...

9) Somebody in the group (not you) is struggling with a mechanic (or overall as a raider). Do you:
a) Casually keep to yourself and allow the guild council or other members to handle it.
b) Point out the problem vaguely to not personally out the individual.
c) Reach out to a council member privately to discuss what you have seen.
d) Other (please explain)

1. am i currently tanking
Does this struggling effect how i would have to tank?
Yes.(example Gul'Dan frountal Cleave), First 2 officense they get calm warnings, 3 they would get a stern reminder that the actoin of walking in frount of Gul'Dan is causing Deaths 4th, just message GM/council/leadership
No. (example Triliax, user standing in beam, as this does not directly effect my roll in the group at the moment, i would leave this to the GM/council/leadership
2. Am i healing
Is this action causing threat to tank / others? (assumption is this Mechanic is a non raid wiper)
Yes, (example most cleave/ AE damage)
during fight, vaguely offer reminder to group (ei not place blaim on a person) to not avoiding / handling of X ablity is causing a drain on my mana
After fight, if repeated action happens PM gm/council/leadership to speak with person as its affecting how i have to heal
No, (example, self killing ablitys)
during the fight, if i the ablity is about to happen again, offer reminder to group as a hole to watch out of X
after fight, generaly in this instance the user knows they messed up, as such me pointing / calling out will not help them so i just let it be.
Raid wipe ablity
GM/council/leadership normal will handle this with out any word on my part as such no need to step in and stur the pot more
3. am i dps for some reason? am i in a leadership positions
Yes, i might PM them or mention a reminder to the group to watch out for X and call it out when timer is close
no, i would avoid sturing the pot and leave to gm/council/leadership

10) If you have raiding experience, what was your favorite part about raiding?
downing of a new boss, *espcaly if tenicly it looks like everyone should/did die* (yes this does happen a lot for some reason)
its always fun when a plan come together

if i am healing i also like playign "whac-a-mole" which is what healing is

11) How dedicated are you to a raid team? IE: What are your raiding/WoW playing plans for the future?
if a group wants to raid i am for it, biggest thing for me is the group. as i am not one for finding a pug, so if i have a group i will raid, if i dont i most likely wont.

12) Tell us anything about yourself outside of the game.
Computer Admin, so i do tend to many computer / tech jokes
I have no shame in using my Blizzcon backpack (with all flair on it) as my work backpack

13) Who would win in a fight? Robocop or a Minotaur. Explain your answer. Feel free to link any charts or analytics that you have prepared in the past.
Are we asumming Robocop gets all weapons
if so this seems like a simple fight for Robocop to win, as i mean Minotaur was killed by sword being stabbed sword (or even being ripped appart by bear hands) of Theseus (while a demi god)
the key part bing the Minotaur was killed in closs range combat, and what the minotuar has going for him is is physical strength, take the way or out class it and he falls like any other beast
Assumming no weapons
most likely robocop but it would take longer, this time is the double edge sword, if the minotuar desides to avoid him long enough the minotuar could win by simply draining robocops battery
with how slow Robocopmoves this is possable, however if they went into a strait fight Robocop... guys armor makes him basicly a walking tank, and the minotuar as problems with a shield from the time of the greaks

14) Please link to your WoW Armory and your Battletag.

BnetID, DrLegend has it alread, and i am not one for posting somthing like that on a public forum sorry

15) What times would you be available for a personal interview in Discord?
most times after 5pm est
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Hey Blazing! Sorry for the delay in responding, been on vacay.

Let's definitely chat soon. If you have time tonight or this week, let me know and we'll invite you to our Discord.