Lycurgüs | MS: Unholy, OS: Blood | Willing to play other classes listed inside if it nets me a raid spot

1) Provide a semi-detailed history of your WoW playing experience. Feel free to talk about your raiding experience, any guilds you were previously in, etc. Please include any details regarding any leadership positions you may have held in guilds.
I started raiding towards the end of Wrath (of all things, with the team my parents were raiding with). After they took me into ToC, I was hooked and the leaders offered me a position on the raid team.
Since then I've been raiding as much as my free time allowed (during school and now work), managing to clear all tiers on Normal and some Heroic (before Mythic was announced) with the occasional Mythic clear up until the end of WoD, where my parents and I lead a team to fully clear HFC Mythic.
Unfortunately once Legion launched, my work schedule changed to some rather crazy hours and raiding had to take a backseat to real life. I did manage to clear 1/7 Mythic EN | 2/9 H ToS | 3/11 H Antorus.

My Raid experience spans across multiple toons througout the years and even in Legion.
Guild wise, I joined the Guild my parents were in during Wrath and Cataclysm. Towards the end of Cataclysm, that guild began falling apart and was turned over to my parents. When MoP launched, I was our tank/co-raidleader until my raidleading days ended in Mythic EN. By that point everyone was older and the elder raiders didn't feel like grinding the legendaries/AP... that's when we had a Guild Meeting and had a majority vote to go our seperate ways and play as each wanted to play. Since then, I've placed my toons in friend's Guilds to have someone to talk to when I log in.

2) What are you looking for in a guild?
A home. I've never been a guild hopper and I'm looking for a place where people feel the same way. As an added bonus, a Guild that raids with a certain level of insanity.

3) If you had to define yourself using a single definition in Urban Dictionary, what would it be?
Hell if know. I thought about for an hour and came up blank. Yeah, Blank sounds. good. Let's go with Blank.

4) What do you know about Legends Anonymous and why do you want to join?
Saw the post on the Sargerus Forums and liked what I read. I feel it would a good fit because of the encouragement for Nerd Screams during progression kills.

5) Make us laugh, link up to (3) videos/gifs to highlight your preferred style of comedy.
I have a dark sense of humor, but being a former Big Bear Butt Tank:
Second in the Lemme Smash series:
Have another bird:

6) Why are you leaving your current guild?
My previous Guild was a friend's Bank guild that I used just to have people to talk to as I ran about causing general mayhem amongst the ranks of the Burning Legion. They had no plans to Raid again but I do, so here I am. Homeless.

7) What do you enjoy most out of the game?
The difficulty and feeling of progression in raiding (and the utter joy that comes along when a kill is made). I enjoy working together with a large amount of players to bring down big bads, especially when a fight is truly difficult. When everyone is working together and fully enjoying the experience a raid brings, it an amazing thing to be a part of and I've loved it since I first started playing.

8) What are your top (3) swear words/phrases that you use in casual and uncasual conversation?
"What fresh hell is this?"
"Well... Shit."
And the all time favorite: "Fuck."

9) Somebody in the group (not you) is struggling with a mechanic (or overall as a raider). Do you:
a) Casually keep to yourself and allow the guild council or other members to handle it.
b) Point out the problem vaguely to not personally out the individual.
c) Reach out to a council member privately to discuss what you have seen.

d) Other (please explain)
A combination of C & D. If it's a class I know extensively (Mage, Druid, Rogue, DK, Warrior, Warlock) and I'll try to whisper them and gently broach the issue and see if I can't help them that way. If it's not something I know much about or it's an issue that I'm not comfortable with handling, I'll approach a council member privately.

10) If you have raiding experience, what was your favorite part about raiding?
It's mostly the same answer as I mentioned above, but my absolute favorite part is the clutch moments that come out of progression kills at times. A moment that I'll remember to this day was my first Guild's Lich King kill. We had struggled for a while before and everything suddenly seemed to line up just right for this pull. The whole fight is a bit fuzzy, but I specifically remember only two of us being left alive when he was at 12 or 13%. I was alive on my Death knight (Unholy) and my mother was left on her Disc Priest. I had to swap stances and solo tank him while trying to burn him down to 10% for the final phase. I came so close to dying several times but thankfully a few lucky crit heals and shields kept me alive and we managed to burn that last bit of health needed for his Fury of Frostmourne.

The amount of excitement and joy that exploded out of all of us was asbolutely incredible. That night was one of the best nights I've ever experienced in my life and I'll never forget it for as long as I live.

11) How dedicated are you to a raid team? IE: What are your raiding/WoW playing plans for the future?
When I commit to a team, I commit hard. I've always been the person to switch to other classes (given proper advanced notice) for the sake of the team, with the exception of Healers. I've tanked, played a Ranged DPS, and melee for my entire WoW career and will continue to do so until I'm unable to raid.

12) Tell us anything about yourself outside of the game.
I work 40+ hours a week, come home and rest for a bit, then I game. When there's new content to be had or I'm in a raid team, I'm on doing as much as I can in WoW to make sure I (and others that need help) are ready to go when needed. When there's a lull (like now), I'm off playing other games ranging from Warhammer: Vermintide II, League of Legends, Sea of Thieves, Quake Champions, and many, many more.

Other than that, I'm a rather friendly person but I am very quiet and won't talk much until I get to know the people I'm around.

13) Who would win in a fight? Robocop or a Minotaur. Explain your answer. Feel free to link any charts or analytics that you have prepared in the past.
Neither. Godzilla is always the answer.
Exhibit A:
14) Please link to your WoW Armory and your Battletag.
Battletag: In the Guild, removing this
This is the DK I'm applying on:üs
Though I am applying on this DK, I'm more than willing to play the following classes and will link their armories upon request: Rogue, Mage, Warlock, Druid (will not play Resto. Healing is not my thing), and Warrior.

15) What times would you be available for a personal interview in Discord?
Saturday & Sunday: Anytime
Monday - Friday: After 6PM Central
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Guild Master
Thank you for applying Lycurgüs!

I have sent you a Bnet friend request and would love a few moments to discuss with you further. If you're available for an interview tonight, please let me know as well