Decoration Glass suppliers

REXI stained glass can be devided into two types, one is the use of modern digital technology through the adhesive bonding of industrial, the other one is a traditional hand-painted method. It can paint on colored glass, and can also paint on colorless glass.
China stained glass manufacturers use of glass as a canvas, then use special paint. After painting, low-temperature firing can be done, then the color will not fall, and users do not have to worry about acid and alkali corrosion, while it is also easy to clean. The size, color, pattern can be freely collocated, safe and more individuality and production is rapid.
There are two kinds of glass in China stained glass factory. One is that the artwork and flat glass that are printed on the color film or PP paper on the output of modern digital technology are glued together by industrial viscose. It has functions such as strengthening explosion-proof, and is widely used in home sliding doors.
It also has the effects of transparency, semi-permeability, and impenetrability. There is also a more traditional process, it is a pure hand-painted stained glass process, the biggest difference between stained glass and tinted glass on a "painted" word, referring to painting. China stained glass suppliers use a brush or other tools to paint on the glass according to the design drawings or renderings. Glass is a canvas, and special materials are pigments. After 3 or 5 times of firing at a high or low temperature, a wonderful product was born. When you face that unparalleled splendor, you don’t know whether to call it decorative materials or painting art, and of course the stained glass price is related to its complexity.Decoration Glass suppliers