Read First! Application Information and Template


Guild Master
Thank you for your interest in joining Legends Anonymous! We sincerely appreciate your time and commitment.

Once you have signed up for a new account, please make a new thread and copy and paste this template. The title should be your current character’s name, class, and desired talent spec ie: Joe/Demo Warlock.

***Make sure to check your spam folder for your activation e-mail.***

Please be as open and honest about your answers as possible. Remember, we are looking for more than just your in-game aptitude but also, a curious glance about the type of player and person you are. Sometimes the answer that may seem like the right one may not be exactly the one we’re looking for.

1) Provide a semi-detailed history of your WoW playing experience. Feel free to talk about your raiding experience, any guilds you were previously in, etc. Please include any details regarding any leadership positions you may have held in guilds.

2) What are you looking for in a guild?

3) If you had to define yourself using a single definition in Urban Dictionary, what would it be?

4) What do you know about Legends Anonymous and why do you want to join?

5) Make us laugh, link up to (3) videos/gifs to highlight your preferred style of comedy.

6) Why are you leaving your current guild?

7) What do you enjoy most out of the game?

8) What are your top (3) swear words/phrases that you use in casual and uncasual conversation?

9) Somebody in the group (not you) is struggling with a mechanic (or overall as a raider). Do you:
a) Casually keep to yourself and allow the guild council or other members to handle it.
b) Point out the problem vaguely to not personally out the individual.
c) Reach out to a council member privately to discuss what you have seen.
d) Other (please explain)

10) If you have raiding experience, what was your favorite part about raiding?

11) How dedicated are you to a raid team? IE: What are your raiding/WoW playing plans for the future?

12) Tell us anything about yourself outside of the game.

13) Who would win in a fight? Robocop or a Minotaur. Explain your answer. Feel free to link any charts or analytics that you have prepared in the past.

14) Please link to your WoW Armory and your Battletag.

15) What times would you be available for a personal interview in Discord?