Irissa/Mariya MM Hunter/Resto Druid

1. Provide a semi-detailed history of your WoW playing experience. Feel free to talk about your raiding experience, any guilds you were previously in, etc. Please include any details regarding any leadership positions you may have held in guilds.
I was Mythic raiding last expac with Ambiguously Offensive the RL gkicked me because he blamed me for all the failures of the group and it wasn't my fault. then went to Maghars with Attitude and continued to raid with them raided with them into legion, got aotc of EN then took a break came back faction changed and transferred too Moon Guard i was a co gm three times and officer/recruitment officer 4 times.

2. What are you looking for in a guild?
Social fun chill/Raiding, No drama

3. What do you know about Legends Anonymous and why do you want to join?
My RL Friend Evan"Krow"(CawCawMan) friend wanted me to come raid with him and come to his server talked about how awesome you guys were and how nice you all are.

4. Why are you leaving your current guild?
I was a co gm of my last guild which was a raiding guild on moon gaurd i left because i couldn't get along with the GM, he and i had dated and i just couldn't be there around the toxicity of him and some of the others in that guild. there were a lot that were pretty cool.

5. What do you enjoy most out of the game?
PvP, i'm very social, i love doing Mythic Plus's with guildies and Raiding and Pve
6. What do you feel are the most important things a raider can bring to a raid team?
Being Patient, Calm, and Know that if it is progression not to ragequit after a few wipes. be on time, make sure to tell the raid leader if you can't make it ahead of time. Do your own research know alittle about the fights/your class before raid.

7. You just caused a wipe during an encounter, what do you do next?
Know what you did wrong and do better next time. Blame Evan. XD

8. Somebody in the group (not you) is struggling with a mechanic (or overall as a raider). Do you:
A. Belittle the person to others in whispers/Whisper the GM and tell him to remove him from the group.
B. Get frustrated because I never make mistakes.
C. Be patient and try to help the person out.
D. Ignore it because we'll eventually down the boss with or without somebody's contribution.

C. Id say Be Patient and try to help the person out.

9. If you have raiding experience, what was your favorite part about raiding?
Killing a progression boss that we've been working on or so long and everyone getting all excited about killing it.

10. How dedicated are you to a raid team? IE: What are your raiding/WoW playing plans for the future?
i'm pretty dedicated to the raid team i'm usually always there on time, if not i always tell someone ill be late. i'm planning on raiding for along time and playing WoW till it ends lol.

11. Tell us anything about yourself outside of the game.
Hi! i'm Mary, i'm pretty outgoing, kindhearted, pretty sarcastic, gentle but blunt. Sassy, i'm a talker, i also am a Cosmetologist known Evan since Beauty school.

12. A link to your WoW Armory and your Battletag.
Discord: Kisa#6584åà

P.s Krow says Fuck You Zel ;D

Hope to hear from you guys ^^
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Guild Master
Hey there Mary! Thank you for applying.

I would love to set some time to speak with you in Discord in the very near future. Does early Sunday or late Monday work for you?