High Pressure Submersible Pump manufacturers

Mining frame proof type Submersible electric pump
Rated flow per hour(m3/h):725
Rated head(m):1275
Impeller series:15
Matching power(Kw):4000
Water filling type mining electric motor
In order to facilitate quick and correct selection of user, besides submersible electric pump for dewatering emergency submersible electric pump system, Xingyuan Group also provides supporting equipment for the system, including switch cabinet,control cabinet, microcomputer monitoring, power cable, flow control and lifting pipe, etc.
The serial pump is multi-stage section centrifugal pump,the excellent hydraulic models are high -efficiency,energy-saving,and have wide performance range,operating safety &steady,low noise,long life and installing & repairing is very convenient etc.It can deliver heat water,oil,corrosive or wearable medium by changing the material,seal or adding cooling system.High Pressure Submersible Pump manufacturers